About Us

Bubble Tea

FitBItes® bubble tea flavored protein is made with real tea, matcha, and taro to provide you delicious bubble-tea flavored protein shakes. Long gone are the days of chalky chocolate. FitBites® is changing the game with the best protein you've ever tasted!

Why did we want to make our protein taste like bubble tea? Because we LOVE bubble tea, but we knew that we had to kick our sugar habit.

No matter how badly we wanted to, we knew we couldn't keep drinking regular bubble tea like we used to. Whether it's the bloat from the lactose, the crash from all the sugar, or the expanding waistline from all the calories, bubble tea just didn't love us the way we love it. Then, an idea was born. What if we could have lactose-free bubble tea that's as good for us as it tastes. What if our bubble-tea could be made with all natural ingredients and pack a protein punch to help keep us fueled throughout the day? Such a thing would be amazing. Amazing indeed.

Now with FitBites® Bubble Tea protein flavors, we have bubble tea every day and we've never been happier. (Or healthier). We hope you'll join us on our bubble tea journey.